Video Slideshows

We create customized video slideshows for special events. Memorialize a person, an event, or a significant milestone with videos that enhance the celebration. We produce video slideshows with well-designed titles, transitions, and effects (such as panning and zooming) and appropriate music based on preliminary client discussion. A preview of the video will be available to the client before final delivery.

The price of a video slideshow is based on the number of photos and the resulting length of the video slideshow. We provide the following packages to suit different needs. These packages are based on submission of a USB drive or a DVD disk of high-resolution image files (such as photos taken from an iPhone or Android phone).

Basic $150 Up to 50 pictures
Length: 5 – 8 minutes
Pro $250 Up to 150 pictures
Length: 8 – 15 minutes
Premium $400 Up to 200 pictures
Length: 15 – 25 minutes

Your video slideshow will be delivered on DVD with a private online version one week after all slideshow materials (pictures, text, audio) are submitted.

Additional fees: Scanning of printed photos, purchase of special music, captioning, and additional DVD copies will require additional fees.

High-quality photo scanning $2 Per photo
Special music $2 Per song to be purchased
Captions $3 Per minute of video
Extra DVD copies $10 Per DVD disk

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